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December 2nd, 2021
Cattle Farm near Karlovac

Visit and tour to a cattle farm in the area of Gvozd / Glina in Croatia. One of only few sustainably organic cattle farms that has been built in Croatia in recent years. The Black Angus cattle are bred here and enjoy nature on around 500ha. All machines and systems are new, the farm is equipped with the latest technology.

The country all around offers every opportunity to enlarge and expand the business. The total area available is several thousand hectares. Expanding of company can be done with the EU funding, which can be used to best advantage in Croatia for business development. Subsidies from EU are in agriculture in lots of programs – for investments and lateron yearli for cultivation and usage of the land. Therefore Croatia is a very attractive location for all investors in agriculture business! So all investments in agriculture bringing good returns with the yearly fix income from subsidies from European Union.

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